Disaster Preparedness
Disasters don't plan ahead, but you can. It is important that Smith Ranch Homes residents are prepared to the best of their abilities for any situation that can occur. Here are a few tips and takeaways from the handout, A Guide for Older Adults & Carers on Disaster Preparedness:
  1. Sign up for the Alert Marin notification system. It is a system where once signed up, residents will receive emergency alerts via call, text, email or smartphone app from the County of Marin. If someone needs help signing up, visit the Resident Services Manager, Resident Services desk or contact the Office of Emergency Management.

  2. Make a "Plan" and share with neighbors, family and caregivers. You can make your own with help from Ready Marin.

  3. Prepare a "to-go bag" and a "stay bag" depending on situations where you need to leave your residence or stay.

  4. Make physical and digital copies of important papers. Sign up for electronic transfer of income in case the mail is delayed. Remember the 6 P's!
Extra Tips:
The Fire Department is aware of our community and in most cases can be here quickly to evacuate our residents if necessary. They will use Police to go door to door in the residential buildings and check on residents. The Fire Department can be enlisted by the police.
They emphasize that neighbors save more lives than either fire fighters or police officers. It is encouraged that residents form informal networks on each floor that would be aware of who might need some extra help, a ride, or anything else.
For more information, here are 5 simple steps to get ready for any situation