SRH Illness Response

COVID-19 Case Update:
The Board of Directors and management are committed to working with the County of Marin Health and Human Services Department on the appropriate response for our community for all confirmed and suspected cases of COVID-19.
July 2020: The resident in Building 400 who tested positive for COVID-19 has passed away. Through contact tracing, we were able to identify four residents, three staff members, and two caregivers who were potentially exposed to the virus. All have tested negative
We strongly encourage all residents to require that any persons who have close contact with them be tested regularly for the virus.
May 2020: Smith Ranch Homes has been informed by the County of Marin that a second employee has tested positive for Coronavirus/COVID-19. This employee has made a full recovery.
March 2020: One off-duty employee tested positive, but Marin Health and Human Services have confirmed they were not contagious while onsite. This employee has made a full recovery.
Re-Opening Update:
We recognize Smith Ranch Homes is a vulnerable, at-risk facility per Center for Disease Control guidelines, meaning many of those residing at Smith Ranch Homes are at a higher risk of getting very sick from respiratory diseases such as COVID-19. This includes older adults and/or people who have serious chronic medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes, or lung disease. As such, we are focused on safety while balancing the community's desire to reopen. All of the below updates are subject to change at any time.
Seated Dining: Grille Room outdoor lunch service only. Residents must belong to the same household to sit at the same table. All other meals will be delivered at no additional cost. Previous plans to reopen this amenity further are on hold due to statewide spikes in Coronavirus cases.
Committees/Volunteer Groups: Remote meetings only. Contact your staff liaison for more information.
Beauty Salon: Closed due to California Governor's order affecting Marin County.
Library: Open for curbside pick-up. Contact Louise de Vries, Library Committee Chairperson, to request a book.
Swimming Pool: Open to a maximum of seven residents at a time. No guests permitted, including children.
All other public gatherings or gathering areas remain closed. This includes the Card Room, lounge service, activities, excursions, exercise classes, fitness room/eqipment, movies, transportation services, and the Wellness Pool.
We remind all residents that facial coverings are required whenever in the common area of the Association. The only exceptions to this rule are when you are actively engaged in eating, drinking, swimming, exercising, or speaking to a person with hearing impairment. Social Distancing (6-foot minimum) should be observed at all times. Adhere to all posted signage. All residents and staff are reminded to wash your hands regularly and/or use the hand sanitizers provided by the Association.  
Additional Steps:
The Association has also taken the following steps:
Implementing a strict policy to send employees home if ill in accordance with CDC guidelines and distributing a notice to all guests, vendors, and caregivers to stay away if any signs of illness. Click here for a .pdf version of our notice
Providing hand sanitizer and handwashing reminders throughout the common areas in the Clubhouse.
Multiple daily sanitizing of our common areas including hallways, elevators, handrails, etc.
Closing Guest Rooms to prevent possible outside contamination.
Suspending all Maintenance work inside residential units, unless in the case of emergencies. Previous plans to reopen this service further are on hold.
Housekeeping work has resumed inside all residential units pending recommendations from Marin HHS.
This situation is evolving day-by-day. As such we encourage all residents to stay in touch with the latest updates as provided by governmental agencies and credible sources
If you must leave your unit, take the following precautions:
- Keep six feet of space between yourself and others.
- Wear a face covering. See here for CDC's recommendations and a how-to.
- Wash your hands often. Proper handwashing information can be found here.
- Avoid crowds as much as possible
If you have further questions and/or need any guidance on how to appropriately respond to the COVID-19 Pandemic, please contact John Patrick Maura, General Manager, at
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