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Coldwell Banker has partnered with Smith Ranch Homes to assist you with your buying and selling needs.
Location & Office Hours
Coldwell Banker is located at 400 Deer Valley Road. The office is open Monday through Saturday from 10:00AM to 3:00PM; Sundays by appointment. Call 415-259-5800.
Smith Ranch Living
Please visit Coldwell Banker's website dedicated to Smith Ranch Homes.
Coldwell Banker, including their website (, is an independent real estate brokerage firm that is not affiliated with Smith Ranch Homes. Coldwell Banker leases office space from Smith Ranch Homes based on a fee schedule. All of your questions regarding purchasing or selling a unit at Smith Ranch Homes should be directed to their office.
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Smith Ranch Homes Residents are not required to utilize the services of Coldwell Banker. Should you choose a real estate company other than Coldwell Banker, please be sure to notify Resident Services at 415-492-4938 so that we can provide you information about resale, outside broker and move-in/move-out procedures.