Smith Ranch Homes Mission Statement

Our mission is to maintain Smith Ranch Homes as a safe retirement community of high standards. Our exceptionally fine staff provides the best quality services in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust.
  • The common objective of Smith Ranch Homes is to maintain and enhance a high standard of living in a safe environment, with maximum independence and freedom of choice. We must work together to further this objective.
  • To preserve the attractiveness and value of Smith Ranch Homes, our community must be kept in first class condition.
  • Homeowners are encouraged to communicate their ideas about the operations of Smith Ranch Homes to management. Through Board and committee membership and meetings, the homeowners are accountable for meaningful and prudent decisions.
  • It is important to be considerate and respectful of each individual, including residents and staff. Concerns about or criticism of individual staff members should be directed to the appropriate supervisor and not to the staff member.
  • Recognition of differing viewpoints is essential. Participation in community activities shall be encouraged.