SRH Mission Statement
The mission of the Association is to provide a vibrant independent living community for active
seniors with excellent services, food, and activities in a safe and comfortable environment.
  • Provide exceptional services to enhance the lives of all residents.
  • Offer excellent quality and variety of food and drink in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.
  • Provide a variety of recreational, educational, and cultural activities to enrich the lives of all residents.
  • Further strengthen the sense of community at Smith Ranch Homes in an atmosphere of mutual respect and civility.
  • Maintain an excellent appearance and condition of the Smith Ranch Homes landscaping and community facilities.
  • Improve communications and operations, both internally and externally, utilizing upgraded technology.
  • Preserve the long-term value of the residences at Smith Ranch Homes.
  • Continue to operate in a fiscally prudent manner.
  • Foster the role and visibility of Smith Ranch Homes in the larger Marin community.
  • Continue a strong and effective Governance structure that encourages participation, collaboration, and transparency.
  • Engage qualified staff leadership and staffing resources to support the goals and governance of SRH and value the resident/staff relationship.
BOD Approved: October 17, 2023.