Smith Ranch Homes Homeowners Association, staff, and employees are hereby authorized to enter my unit to perform the Patrol Check Service.
1.     I will receive a daily telephone call between the hours of 10:00 am and 11:00 am.
2.     If there is no answer, the Patrol Rover will be dispatched to my unit and ring the doorbell.   If not answer, the Patrol Rover will enter my unit to confirm that I am well or not at home.
3.     Complete an absence form for all absences while away longer than 24 hours.
4.     Sign and return the Registration Form and Access Authorization Form on the backside of this letter.
5.     You may revoke this program at any time by providing a completed Patrol Check Service Cancellation form.
6.     Due to COVID-19 Shelter in Place Order, we are expediting these requests and service will commence within one business days upon receipt of the Registration Form.
Patrol Check Service